Case Studies

MidDel Performs the “Impossible”

Issue Our client, one of North America’s largest power producers, was in the midst of a corporate merger with another large power producer. Our client needed to integrate the acquired company’s ETRM system (Endur®) into our client’s ETRM system (Zainet®/Aligne™). In addition, all risk management reporting needed to be re-engineered to accommodate the […]
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MTM, Value at Risk (VaR), and Invoice Reports Validation

Issue For system changes, the client needed to agree or reconcile key reports (mark-to-market, VaR and invoicing) before and after the change. Visual comparison of each report’s outputs took too long and wasn’t always reliable. Solution MidDel’s consultant automated the process so that the underlying report output tables were […]
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A Success for Team MidDel

During the recent system merger activities, which resulted in the largest Power Generator in the United States, the MidDel team was selected as lead Subject Matter Experts for the integration of the combined company’s separate ETRM systems. Numerous challenges had to be identified, solved, and implemented including multiple databases and reporting engines requiring to be […]
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