Endur Support


MidDel Consulting was approached by a large Midwestern natural gas and power company to assist in reducing their ongoing Openlink Endur support costs. This client recently completed an Endur implementation. They then faced the challenges of creating required reports not completed during the initial implementation, as well as on-boarding a new business unit, while facing the need to reduce overall program cost.


MidDel was able to provide an alternative that matched the client’s needs by providing an extremely senior resource who could offer both functional and technical system support. This MidDel “on-demand” support model provides the level 2 support needed by the client within a cost model that protects their budget.

MidDel system support starts with an on-site assessment; a Senior Manager and Consultant spent one week onsite with the client at multiple locations. This allows us to meet with each user group and quickly ramp up our understanding of the implementation. We then work with the client to prioritize the issues and to determine the best migration approach and schedule.

The MidDel “on-demand” support model allows the client to avoid paying for resources and time not focused on supporting the system and the business. The client accrues hours that are not utilized and can be used by year end for items such as interface or custom report development, regression testing, general development, or data modelling.


The client immediately experienced benefits from the MidDel support structure; resolving long-pending issues very quickly. Our senior resources are responsive to both business and technical issues when needed but are not a drain on the budget, resulting in higher productivity and a reduction in overall cost.


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