Case Studies

ETRM for Power Retail

Issue Our client, a retail provider of power and gas to commercial, industrial and residential energy customers required an improved solution to manage their retail power operations. Their legacy processes relied heavily on structured database tables and spreadsheets for position monitoring and other key reporting needs. The legacy setup, however, offered little in the way […]
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In-House System Review and RFP Process

Issue Our client, a mid-sized retail power and gas company, requested that we review their existing internal systems to determine the viability of solutions and if there was cost justification to continue development. The annual development and support budget of their legacy systems was in excess of $1mm per year. Additionally, the client was unable […]
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ETRM Demo Scripts

Issue Our client, a municipal electric provider, solicited a request for proposal to replace an outdated ETRM system to better manage their power portfolio. They had limited internal resources to manage the RFP process and required assistance in developing scripts for vendors to follow during webinar and onsite software demos. Solution A MidDel consultant was […]
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