Analytical System Pilot Study


Our client was considering the deployment of a portfolio risk analytics system throughout its global organization, but first wanted to prove the software’s applicability to the client’s unique set of challenges. The software needed to do the following: organize and store information obtained from multiple sources and in various formats; calculate and report exposures across multiple currencies and commodity types; accurately model complex stored hydro systems, from weather forecasts and inflows through to generation; assist the client in modeling final power prices in emerging power markets, where no forward markets exist and limited information is available; accurately model cost and revenue for complex retail contracts; and provide the necessary results within a feasible timeframe. Finally, users would need to extract the information to develop internal reports and presentations with a minimum of post-processing and the software would need to be configured to replicate the client’s existing reports.


Our consultant provided much needed bandwidth for a time strapped team and functional and technical software implementation experience, which helped the client and vendor configure the risk analytics software and run it through a series of trials.

The MidDel consultant helped the client’s analysts through the software’s initial learning curve, to the point where they were largely self-sufficient by the end of the pilot, and also helped the vendor’s representatives navigate through the process of understanding the client’s business and objectives.


The pilot study was deemed a success and the client decided to proceed with a full deployment. MidDel was then engaged to continue spearheading the software deployment, serving as a key liaison between the client and the vendor.

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