ETRM for Power Retail


Our client, a retail provider of power and gas to commercial, industrial and residential energy customers required an improved solution to manage their retail power operations. Their legacy processes relied heavily on structured database tables and spreadsheets for position monitoring and other key reporting needs. The legacy setup, however, offered little in the way of functional controls, data controls or auditability and there were also significant gaps in P&L and mark-to-market reporting capability.


Upon selection of an ETRM solution through a formal selection process, our client engaged MidDel to assist them with the system implementation. Working closely with key front and mid office stakeholders against aggressive time constraints, our consultants were able to gather requirements and complete core system configuration in sixteen weeks. MidDel also acted as a trusted advisor and partner for the client while their internal development resources built key data interfaces from scratch for retail forecasts, trades and price curves. MidDel also provided support and guidance throughout unit, system, and user acceptance testing phases for the interfaces, developed key interface validation and business reports and provided training to the client’s business users and technical support staff.


The ETRM solution provided critical controls around their data processes, enhanced transparency of market exposures, and reported the distinct performance of the retail sales and wholesale power trading/supply operations. This improved information significantly helped isolate both issues and opportunities in their retail portfolio and facilitated richer discussions between trading and sales personnel on how to more profitably supply their retail customers.

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