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Senior level energy industry expertise, supporting business systems and processes for Front, Back, and Mid Office.

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MidDel Consulting is a boutique professional services firm and systems integrator with over 18 years of SENIOR LEVEL energy industry experience. We produce business process improvements, across all commodities, both physical and financial.

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MidDel Consultants have on average over 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as subject matter experts and trusted advisors in the retail, wholesale, midstream and producer segments, encompassing the front, middle, and back office.


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Our Clients »

At MidDel Consulting we are very nimble. As consultants, we are highly creative. More importantly, we understand your business and will solve the problems YOU want to solve. These are some of the types of clients we have successfully served.

  • IPPs - Independent Power Producers
  • Utilities
  • REPs - Retail Energy Suppliers
  • LDCs - Local Distribution Companies


  • Power and Gas Marketers / Merchants
  • Renewable Energy Companies
  • Energy Storage
  • ISO / RTO

Case Studies »

MidDel Consultants have on average over 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as subject matter experts and trusted advisors, in the retail, wholesale, midstream and producer segments, encompassing the front, middle, and back office.

MidDel Performs the “Impossible”

Issue Our client, one of North America’s largest power producers, was in the midst of a corporate merger with another large power producer. Our client needed to integrate the acquired company’s ETRM system (Endur®) into our client’s ETRM system (Zainet®/Aligne™). In addition, all risk management reporting needed to be re-engineered to accommodate the acquired company’s […]

FTR VaR (Value at Risk) Reimplementation

Issue Our client was using a large Excel spreadsheet with multiple linked tabs to calculate value at risk (VaR). The client was not measuring VaR for any of its FTR positions. The volatility and correlation calculations were not properly weighted. In addition, the delta between the published price and the non-published price was not updated […]

Cash Month P&L Variance Reduction - Forecast to Actual

Issue Our client’s daily intra-month P&L report had significant variances when compared against the month end actual P&L results. These variances contributed to loss of confidence and trust between the corporate executives and the front and back office. Our objective was to reduce variation and re-establish confidence in the process, thus increasing executive trust in […]

Redundant and Incomplete Reports

Issue Our client had hundreds of reports under an old data model which was not meeting its business requirements. Many reports were either duplicates or unnecessary and without extensive report documentation. Report users were busy and needed assistance to revise the reporting framework. Solution Our consultant combined technical expertise and knowledge of the data model […]

Improved Overnight Invoice Process

Issue This client’s primary invoicing report failed overnight several times per month. In addition, users could not perform basic invoicing operations in the invoice system GUI. Solution Our consultant had a thorough understanding of the client’s invoicing process and was able to modify the reports and application configurations to prevent failures. Result MidDel’s consultant devised […]

Improved Nightly Batch Process

Issue Our client’s primary nightly batch process ran over two hours and occasionally did not finish due to the amount of data being processed. The client expected a solution to be implemented within a short time frame. Solution The consultant met with various functional groups to determine how the existing information was utilized and how […]

Newsroom »

Department of Energy Announces Strategy for Offshore Wind Deployment

The Department of Energy has announced its strategy for offshore wind deployment, structured around four initiatives. Read the article here: DOE-announces-strategy-offshore-wind-deployment
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FERC Approves Incentive Framework for Voluntary Cybersecurity Investments

FERC recently approved an incentive-based rate treatment for utilities making certain cybersecurity investments in their systems. Read the article here: Ferc-cybersecurity-incentive-investments-decision
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Can Utilities Rise To The Challenges Presented By Decarbonization?

The nation’s 1,600 utilities face challenges ahead with decarbonization and electrification. Read the article here: Can-utilities-rise-to-the-challenges-presented-by-decarbonization
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DOE Announces $590 Million to Increase Bioenergy Research

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will allocate $590 million to renew its four existing Bioenergy Research Centers. Read how this funding will be helpful here: DOE-announces-590-million-increase-bioenergy-research
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