MidDel Performs the “Impossible”


Our client, one of North America’s largest power producers, was in the midst of a corporate merger with another large power producer. Our client needed to integrate the acquired company’s ETRM system (Endur®) into our client’s ETRM system (Zainet®/Aligne™). In addition, all risk management reporting needed to be re-engineered to accommodate the acquired company’s data and book structure. From our experience a project of this magnitude, considering the amount of development and testing involved, would typically take 6 – 12 months. We were asked to be the functional and technical leads for this project and complete the work in 3 months before our client’s year-end deadline.


MidDel consultants converted risk and trade data from Endur® to Zainet®/Aligne™ and ensured the acquired company’s data structure converted properly to our client’s data and book structure. We also re-engineered all key risk reports so the acquired company’s portfolio values correctly fit into our client’s data structure. QA and testing was then completed to ensure minimal errors and a smooth transition into production.


Despite a nearly impossible deadline, and to further complicate matters, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast and virtually shut down the project for one week due to power outages and travel restrictions, our team worked round-the-clock to complete our objectives on time. We went live with virtually no complications other than minor data issues. Our client was able to conduct business with the newly formed merged company with no disruptions.


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