Report from operator of Texas’ electrical grid confirms gas- and coal-fired plant outages played big role in June power woes

August 2, 2021

Recent data from ERCOT confirms that problems with thermal energy sources, including coal and natural gas, were largely responsible for the unplanned outages at generation facilities in June.

Department of Energy asks Congress for $201 million to bolster cybersecurity in wake of attacks

July 29, 2021

The Department of Energy is asking Congress for $201 million in its budget request to address digital vulnerabilities after recent cyberattacks. Read the article here:

White-Hot Blocks as Renewable Energy Storage?

July 22, 2021

Blocks made from ceramics or graphite could be a promising option for thermal storage of renewable energy generated by wind and solar energy sources. Read more here:

Hybrid storage and renewable projects are popular. Are they the best for the market?

July 15, 2021

An interesting article. Read it here:

BP Launches Oil Project In U.S. Gulf Of Mexico

July 12, 2021

BP has started the Manuel project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, its fourth out of five major global projects this year, Read more here:

Renewable Power Becoming a Promising Avenue for Oil and Gas Majors

July 6, 2021

Around the world, oil and gas majors are are actively restructuring to incorporate renewable power capabilities. Read more here:

Is the IEA Report a Tipping Point for Oil Investing?

June 24, 2021

For the first time in history, the world's biggest investment banks are backing renewable energy investments more than fossil fuels. Read more here:

4 Opportunities for Gas Utilities to Accelerate the Energy Transition Today

June 21, 2021

Gas utilities have opportunities today to start accelerating the energy transition. Read more here:

IAEA Launches Study of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems

June 14, 2021

The International Atomic Energy Agency is launching a new Coordinated Research Project focused on increasing understanding of the role, performance, and impact of nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems in meeting current and future energy demand. Read more here:

The FBI recovered a huge chunk of the Colonial Pipeline ransom by secretly gaining access to DarkSide’s bitcoin wallet password

June 9, 2021

The Department of Justice seized a portion of the ransom that Colonial Pipeline paid to the hacking group DarkSide. Read more here: