ETRM Demo Scripts


Our client, a municipal electric provider, solicited a request for proposal to replace an outdated ETRM system to better manage their power portfolio. They had limited internal resources to manage the RFP process and required assistance in developing scripts for vendors to follow during webinar and onsite software demos.


A MidDel consultant was signed on to interview internal staff in the front, middle and back offices to gain an understanding of their internal processes and specific requirements from an ETRM system. The consultant then developed test scripts for each function to ensure each vendor presented system functionality tailored to the client’s needs. The scripts also included sample data for vendors to preload into the demo system as well as additional data to enter during the demo so that the client was able see first-hand how they would interact with the system in their daily operations. The MidDel consultant was present for each demo and provided feedback to assist the client in their evaluations.


Following the MidDel project methodology ensured the demo scripts covered all functional areas of the client’s front and middle office operations. The scripts were used for five system demos and ensured each demo was presented in a consistent manner allowing the client staff to make the most informed decision in selecting an ETRM system. This consistency prevented vendors from driving the demos and delivering a canned presentation. We are confident this methodology effectively mapped the client’s requirements against vendors’ system capabilities thus avoiding a wrong decision causing a costly and time consuming mistake. The client saved approximately 20% in the cost of developing and administering the test scripts over handling this process internally. Client staff and management were extremely pleased with the level of detail provided in the scripts and the ease in which the vendor demos were kept on track.


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