Case Studies

ERCOT Summer 2020 Reserve Margin Higher On Revised, COVID-Impacted Load Forecast, ERCOT Says Energy Alerts Still Possible

An interesting article regarding ERCOT's final Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy for this summer and an updated Capacity, Demand and Reserves Report.   Read it here:  
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ERCOT Experiences Record Consumption, Real-Time Prices Reach $9,000 Cap

ERCOT's real-time energy prices surged to the $9,000-megawatt-hour cap last week, the result of high power consumption and triple-digit temperatures across Texas. Read more here:
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ERCOT: Wind Outpaced Coal on Texas Grid for the First Time

In the first half of this year, Texas wind generation narrowly edged out coal, which is a first since 2003 when the Electric Reliability Council of Texas began tracking the state's fuel mix.   Read more here:  
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