OSIsoft PI Solutions - WECC Reporting


Our client’s method of reporting planned and projected power generation data consisted of five spreadsheets with VBA code to extract data from various sources. Reporting was run on a daily basis and required a user to open each spreadsheet, enter data and run the report. A separate process sent the files to an FTP location. Our client desired a completely autonomous process to save man hours and reduce IT maintenance.


Our consultant selected a .NET solution, developing an application which combined data from multiple sources. The application utilized the OSIsoft PI SDK to extract data from the PI system and queried PCI Gen Manager for generation data. Working directly with the traders and PCI developers, an application was created that requires no user input, is low maintenance and delivers notifications to stakeholders each day after the process completes using OSIsoft’s PI Notifications.


The new application provided the client a reliable, frustration free solution for delivering the daily generation unit data reporting required by WECC (Western Electricity Coordinating Council). The reports require no data entry, no user interaction and are more accurate than the previous reports while saving their analysts several hours work per day.


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