OSI PI Transmission and Generation Dashboard


Our client viewed a web dashboard that displayed real time readings of transmission and generation information on a public website. The information was presented graphically to the user through dials and linear gauges. This client requested to provide similar capabilities in-house while maintaining a similar dashboard.


Our consultant reviewed several off-the-shelf products provided by OSIsoft as well as custom solutions. Based on the time to deliver and the desire to provide a web-based solution, OSIsoft Web Parts was selected as the client software and tool to build the dashboard. A number of process equations were developed to aggregate data and enhance the presentation. A one-page dashboard containing gauges and graphs was built within a week and presented to the client.


The dashboard was a huge success and exceeded expectations in both presentation and time to complete. The single dashboard went through another iteration of refinement and was presented to management. Per their request, similar dashboards were created for all affiliated operating companies. An additional dashboard was created that encompassed the parent company and utilized the performance equations as rollup data providing an overall summary of the consolidated company’s generation performance. Additional dashboards were created and tailored for other business units within the operating companies following a model similar to the original design.

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