Integration to ORACLE Treasury


A large multinational client sought to merge its three divisions into an existing Oracle instance with as little customization as possible. In addition, a new Oracle Treasury module was needed to be implemented to manage inter-company loans. This module had not been used by the client prior to this implementation and created a learning curve for the client and its development team. Their goal with using Oracle was to replace their custom inter-company process for tracking loans, calculating daily interest, and producing monthly statements with Oracle Treasury.


Our consultant recognized that Oracle Treasury had the ability to process inter-company loans between two divisions regardless if the division resides in Oracle. The challenge was Oracle needed to calculate interest on a daily basis for each of the loans, but have the ability to recalculate interest if there were back-dated transactions. Our consultant built a custom process that pulled all the posted transactions from the GL, loaded the Treasury interface table, and imported the transactions. A second custom program was developed to reverse and recalculate the daily interest accrual to capture back-dated transactions. Oracle had an inter-company report, but it did not have all the detail required by the client. A custom report was then developed by the consultant. The project team also expanded the use of the Cash Management module to create journal entries based on the transactions appearing on a bank file. All standard functionality was used to create journal entries. The only custom process was loading bank files into the bank statement interface table.


A few challenges encountered on this project were working with the banks to acquire test files, setting up new operating units to support the AP processes, and implementing a new application with no in-house knowledge. With several rounds of testing and training, the project went live on schedule at the start of the following accounting period with very few issues.

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