Implementation Come Snow or Shine!


Our client was seeking an upgrade of its ETRM system which managed deal capture, gas and power scheduling, position and risk reporting, counterparty invoicing, and accounting. The primary objective of the upgrade project was to move to the vendor’s latest technology platform. This upgrade would also provide the foundation for several critical projects in latter phases.

The upgrade introduced a completely new invoicing and settlements module, which had an entirely new software paradigm along with a new data model. This was identified early as requiring major changes to the data flowing through the downstream financial systems (GL/AP/AR) interfaces.

An additional significant change was the retirement of the legacy scheduling and trade actualization module. This functionality was replaced by utilizing the trade actualization feature in the core software.


MidDel led a team consisting of its consultants, the vendor, and the client’s business and technical staff to prepare and execute an implementation plan that met client’s expectations. MidDel consultants were instrumental in technical management, vendor management, testing coordination, and interface development over the course of the project.

Our testing methodology was implemented using the client’s SharePoint and allowed all participants to track progress and issues under the direction of our team lead. Our consultants’ vast experience with the vendor was particularly important while managing bug fixes and releases in a timely manner during user acceptance testing.


A weekend upgrade occurred during the worst snowstorm in 30 years! The settlements team was able to successfully checkout and invoice counter-parties the next period and all downstream accounting data was correct. This successful implementation positioned the client to move on to its next scheduled project with this new platform in place.

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