Front Office ISO Communication Application Replacement


A large Northeast generation company required a replacement for its front office load forecasting, bidding, scheduling and dispatch platform as the technology of the current application was coming to the end of its useful life. The client wanted to implement a vendor package for the bid submission and dispatch component, however, due to the strategic nature of the bid creation piece, the client considered building that in-house.


After some initial evaluation, it was determined that the bid creation piece should also be part of the vendor package. Our consultant worked with the client to develop an RFP, evaluate the responses, and determine which vendors would be invited to demonstrate their product. The consultant developed a set of requirements and a detailed demo script that was sent to vendors. The consultant developed a scoring criteria and managed all the client business scores and comments, then led the client to make a decision within the pre-determined budget and timeframe.

The consultant was extended to liaise with business users, IT and the vendor during the implementation to ensure that system gaps were accounted for and interfaces with existing systems were documented from a functional and technical perspective. The consultant documented many of the test scripts and performed much of the functional interface testing, then supported business users throughout the testing phase.


The initial phase of the project with one ISO was very successful. The client then approached MidDel to be involved in future phases of the project which included the implementation of the product for other ISO markets and a full replacement of their back office shadow settlements system across all markets.

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