BOBJ Deployment


Our client did not have an operational user-friendly Business Intelligence tool. Two years earlier they had attempted to install SAP Business Objects incorporating Active Directory with Single Sign On. Without a viable tool, users were only given the option to work with BEx queries in a limited portal and without flexibility. Access to the SAP Business Warehouse (BW) cubes could only be performed by IT developers. Manual manipulation of output was required to obtain usable results, which took hours, sometimes even days.


The client decided to install SAP Business Objects to provide ad hoc users access to existing BEx queries, BW cubes, and other data as well as incorporate Active Directory with Single Sign On. Client management estimated this effort would take four months to complete. MidDel assigned an expert resource to the project and within one week completed the installation in four different environments and provided step-by-step instructions with full documentation on how to reproduce the installation and configuration of SAP Business Objects in each environment.

After two weeks, MidDel completed configuring security in SAP Business Objects employing a best practice of a true top-down security model. Knowledge transfer was provided to the client’s developers and administrators responsible for interacting with the SAP Business Objects system. Additionally, MidDel created connections to BEx queries and universes that connected to an existing BW cube.


Completing the initial installation within one week, advising the client to consider a more robust and manageable security model and implementing the model, and providing thorough documentation and knowledge transfer enabled the client to quickly begin developing reports against existing data sources.

The successful implementation of SAP Business Objects in less than three weeks, versus the client’s estimate of four months, enabled them to meet some otherwise unattainable reporting requirements prior to the end of their fiscal year, which was only six weeks away from the beginning of the project. Our quick execution also resulted in savings of over $60,000.

This successful project by MidDel ensures that the client’s reporting process takes significantly less time than previously required. End users have access to perform ad hoc reporting on existing BEx queries and quickly obtain results thereby considerably improving efficiency and accuracy.

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