Mainspring Energy’s linear generator may speed the transition to a zero-carbon electrical grid. Read the article here:

Linear Generator_Mainspring Energy

FERC approves Western Resource Adequacy Program for regional capacity sharing. Twenty utilities and market participants across the western U.S. and Canada have signed up to participate. Read the article here:


The IEA recently stated that the oil and gas industry earned $4 trillion last year.

Read the article here:


Oil demand forecasted to hit a record high this year. Read the article here:


Check out EIA's article forecasting lower wholesale U.S. Natural Gas prices over the next two years:

Lower Natural Gas Prices Forecast

Project Equity, a plan to provide electricity by subsea cable to storm-vulnerable Puerto Rico, is gaining a lot of attention. Read the article here:


The U.S. Department of Energy plans to award $118 million to projects designed to accelerate the production of biofuels. Read more here:


Electric-vehicle batteries may help store renewable energy. Read the interesting article here:


This article looks at some of the major trends shaping the U.S. power sector in 2023. Read about it here:


The Energy Information Administration forecasts oil production growth this year in the U.S. along with a decline in oil prices over the next two years. Read the article here: