ZEMA Implementation


A client had pricing data stored among multiple databases, ETRM systems and spreadsheets. There were too many sources of pricing data to support, which created issues in the daily P&L due to overwriting price data across systems.


Our consultants combined extensive trading and risk management experience to create an RFP and guide the client through system selection. Upon the selection of ZEMA, we worked with the client to plan the project, establish an implementation approach that had minimal impact on the business, and designed the integration approach. All price curves were mapped between ZEMA and the ETRM system, spreadsheets, and other reporting databases.


The new application was successfully configured and implemented with more than 2,000 price curves and millions of rows of historical data. The implementation included day-ahead and real-time power prices, all natural gas price sources, and all associated forward price curves. Trader spreadsheets and other custom applications were modified with bi-directional feeds between ZEMA and legacy systems.

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