Endur Scheduling and Pathing Support


Our client, a West Coast energy utility company who serves a significant number of natural gas fired power generators and local distribution companies, had difficulty closing their books the prior year due to corrupt storage nominations and schedules. The client reached out to us to help them load and balance their ETRM system, Endur, which they use for their daily transport nominations, storage injections and withdrawals over multiple pipelines.



The MidDel team began the engagement by working closely with the schedulers to learn and understand their scheduling process, their pipeline layouts, and to clearly identify areas that could benefit from operational efficiency. Our team then assumed the responsibility of properly pathing and reflecting the company’s transport nominations and schedules in Endur; including storage injections and withdrawals; gas supply to power plants and LDC’s, management of pool and interconnect balances, and inter-book activities.

This process alleviated the workload on the senior schedulers, allowing them to focus on effectively utilizing contracts and reducing avoidable errors. The process also allowed the junior schedulers to learn the system on their own pace and obtain a deeper level of knowledge on Endur.



With the help of our team, our client was able to have a smooth month-end close on the first day of the month, as well as significantly increase the accuracy of payables and receivables. This allowed our client to settle with their counterparties in a timely manner. Furthermore, our client was also able to significantly minimize lost opportunities due to scheduling errors and remain within the tolerance level of their pipeline contracts.

The work performed by our team enabled the traders to utilize Endur as their system of record for near real time position management, fully balanced with every pipeline on a daily basis.


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