Retail System Automation


Our client’s retail business was expanding and having difficulty keeping up with its growth. The client determined that if it was going to thrive in this competitive market, the business would need to automate and streamline their processes. The client decided they needed to develop a retail system to support the ordering of usage information, processing of data, pricing, quoting, and contracting. The client decided to use an Agile process management approach for the development of the new system. While the client had vast knowledge of the retail business, they needed expertise to assist in defining its business requirements which were then used to create an RFP that was delivered to select vendors.


MidDel provided a resource to the client filling multiple functions during the life cycle of the project. The consultant had a solid energy background with previous business analyst experience as well as familiarity with Agile principles and testing methodologies. The consultant spent significant time with the client assisting them with user story creation to help facilitate the Agile development. As the project moved forward our consultant utilized their skill set to dissect the retail products into a subset of pricing components that could be modeled as pricing formulas within the new system. In the final months of coding, our consultant took on a testing role ensuring the code developed for processing customer data met the client’s design specifications.


The MidDel solution was a win for the client. The consultant skillfully utilized the Agile development process to ensure on-time delivery of sprint deliverables and testing which made for a highly productive team. By leveraging their ability to provide both business analysis and testing skills, the client had the opportunity to divert temporary staffing from this project to others.

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