PeopleSoft Benefits Administration


Our client’s large PeopleSoft ERP installation was experiencing multiple instances of unauthorized payments in P/S HRMS to third party benefit vendors upon reenrollment cycles. This issue had the undesired effect of causing inaccurate deductions from compensation for some employees. No pattern or consistency was apparent regarding the errors. Identifying these anomalies and correcting them was proving time consuming as the company grew and they decided to seek outside assistance to determine the root cause and solution.


Our consultant combined exceptional functional understanding of benefits administration with his deep PeopleSoft Benefit Admin technical expertise to dig into the code, interfaces, and configurations to identify the causes and design a solution. The resolution included repairing the code and reconfiguring the system through testing and acceptance with the Benefit Administration users.


When the next benefit enrollment cycle occurred, none of the previous errors reoccurred and HR was extremely satisfied because they saved significant time and their employees did not receive incorrect deductions that would have to be subsequently adjusted.

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