PCI System Admin Dashboards


Our client requested a dashboard that would display real time readings of all the ISO’s day ahead processes and studies on an internal website. The information would need to be monitored by system admins where appropriate actions could be taken proactively to avoid any issues with submitting timely offers to the power market.


Our consultant reviewed several alternatives provided by PCI GSMS as well as custom solutions. Based on the time to deliver and the desire for a web-based solution, Visual Studio 2012 Web Parts was selected as the client software and tool to build the dashboard. A number of specialized queries were developed to aggregate data and enhance the presentation. A multi-page dashboard containing a live grid and graphs was built within a few weeks and presented to the client.


The system monitor was a huge success and exceeded expectations in both presentation and time to complete. This system has now become the standard for day ahead and real time operations control. The dashboard has undergone several iterations of refinement. As a result of this system the client reduced the daily admin system review time from 3.5 hours per morning to 40 minutes of real time monitoring with the traders. In January, 2016, using this system, the client detected a potentially catastrophic internal network error, which enabled the PCI System Admin to direct the SAN storage team to re-route data traffic. The client averted $450,000 in fines for missing submittal deadlines.

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