Municipal Utility System Landscape Assessment


MidDel Consulting was approached by a Municipal Utility in California to conduct a systems delivery assessment to determine the recommended course of action to improve their systems capabilities required to support entering the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM). MidDel conducted a bottom-up analysis of their Settlements, Trading, and Risk groups by meeting with key stakeholders to understand their current state system landscape and provide recommendations for their future state system landscape and business processes. MidDel also reviewed internal Audit findings and identified areas where efficiencies could be gained.


MidDel provided three proposed system landscape solutions to the client’s management team to support entering the Energy Imbalance Market, as well as future growth, while addressing resource impacts and risks to the current EIM project. The proposals included an implementation approach that addressed project sequencing and estimated resource needs. MidDel also provided alternative recommendations to decrease delivery time and to address staffing concerns.

The solutions provided several key benefits:

  • Streamlined reporting
  • Workflow management
  • Position management
  • Enhanced Credit and Risk functionality

The recommended solution provided scalable systems with minimal delivery risk. The system landscape supported day ahead through term deal capture, counter party credit, and risk reporting along with system optimization, real time deal capture, scheduling, and settlements. The implementation approach utilized a waterfall methodology that was front-loaded against the EIM implementation; providing natural resource leveling. The solution provided the scalable functionality required to support the increased EIM transactional volumes.


The client was able to select from several system landscape solutions to determine the one that best fit their scope, budget, and time constraints while providing scalable systems to support entering the Energy Imbalance Market. The solutions provided several key benefits; including streamlined reporting, workflow management, position management, and enhanced credit and risk functionality. Finally, the delivery approach provided scalable systems with minimal delivery risk.

The recommended system approach would significantly streamline transaction processing and automate workflows. The client would see an estimated $300,000 cost reduction per year based on a decrease in FTE.


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