ISO/RTO Operational Assessment


Our client had recently started participating in MISO South having previously been participating in Entergy pre-merger. Since joining MISO South, Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch were producing less than optimal results.


Our consultant combined his deep functional knowledge of organized power markets with his operational and technical competency to provide a solution that improved operational and market performance. During the course of the project our consultant discovered and corrected less than optimal alignment of operating parameters, identified inaccurate start-up and no-load costs and adjusted them providing the client a competitive advantage. Unnecessary ancillary penalties were identified and the consultant provided the necessary process adjustments and training to reduce them. Changes were also implemented to optimize the incremental heat rate adjustment and temperature compensation.


Besides numerous qualitative improvements, quantitative improvements included a 19.1% improvement in total production cost being offered to the ISO, more profitable commitments where competitors’ resources of similar technology were being committed during periods of tighter margins, and reduction in “mileage penalties,” translating into an initial $700k increase in annual margin.

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