Human Capital Dashboard


This client’s corporate executives did not have visibility into a broad range of human capital measurements. Although a Human Capital module operated within the company’s ERP framework, the reports were cumbersome and inefficient. Reporting required gathering information from 18 sources for 60 business units and each unit required 21 pivot tables consolidated into spreadsheets each quarter.


Our consultant created a design eliminating the manual processes, which was prone to errors. The design recreated numerous pivot table functionalities and calculations in the required tables and queries. The data aggregation was automated and formatted so the HR Analyst ceased the tedious pivot process for 60 organizations and 11 charts (over 600 manual processes). The original queries were simple in nature and required cleansing, so the design included applying flexible aggregations for required levels of hierarchy and applying business logic/rules/formulas for performance.


The new process eliminated 60 hours of manual processes and increased the frequency of the dashboard to once a month, instead of once a quarter. The simplified dashboard consisted of 12 separate charts with full interactive drill down capabilities that allowed immediate trend analysis across multiple operating units and attributes. The project was so successful that the CEO of this organization uses it himself and authorized funding for phase two enhancements.

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