Global Risk Reporting


Our client desired a replacement for an aging and inflexible global risk reporting system, impacting offices in three countries, which would improve the daily reporting cycle and reduce the constant maintenance required by IT staff.


Our consultant’s broad business acumen and technical skills lead to a strong design based on the client's requirements. Working alongside the client's key developers and business users in rapid development sprints, the team developed a robust and maintainable web-based product tied to a dynamic relational data model. PL/SQL procedures were utilized to extract and reformulate data from the client's risk engine for presentation in the GUI.


The new product provided the client a flexible global solution for reporting on multiple commodities, regions, and business units. The dynamic model allowed the client the flexibility to add or aggregate commodities or regions as the business expanded and contracted. The web interface allowed each global region easy access to each days results and a method to insert data overrides as necessary. The interface also presented easy to understand graphical trends of P&L, VaR and exposure. The solution also dramatically improved the daily process of global reporting for both risk managers and executives.


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