Executive Generation Forecast Dashboard


Our client’s executive managers viewed power generation forecast data based on a series of daily emails and spreadsheets. The information presented was used to base sound judgements regarding generation/load positions, but was difficult to interpret. This client requested a simple dashboard to present outage information by ISO and region.


Our consultant reviewed several off-the-shelf products provided by Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) and CXL as well as custom solutions. Based on the time to deliver and the desire for a visual solution, Visual Studio toolset was selected to build the dashboard and PCI’s data APIs was selected as the data delivery system. A number of data query validators were developed to ensure unit outage data integrity and enhance the presentation. A one-page dashboard containing trend lines and cumulative outage visuals was built within three weeks and presented to the client.


The dashboard was an overwhelming success and exceeded expectations in both presentation and time to complete. The new dashboard has undergone several refinement and enhancement versions based on management usage requests. Per the client’s request, the system was made available to trading management and the real-time trading desk.

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