Endur Process Assessment


MidDel Consulting was engaged to review the comprehensive processes related to nominations, pathing, tracking burn volumes and storage volumes and to provide recommendations for process improvements and software enhancements.   This effort was requested by front and mid office users, with specific focus on the time required to aggregate position information, update and remove schedules, and an inability to drill into nomination details.


MidDel Consulting met with traders and schedulers to review the current deal entry, position management and scheduling process of our client, as well as to identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

Our team learned that the front office team updated multiple spreadsheets and systems daily to balance pipelines and storage facilities. This created a time delay, resulting in stale position data in Endur. Because of the current practice of tracking transport contract utilization, storage balance, and current position on a spreadsheet - a process that profoundly impacted schedulers and the accounting department, our team recommended process re-engineering combined with Endur updates.


By applying standard scheduling and actualization processes to our client’s business, we were able to identify several areas for improvement. Our team recommended that we build and test the following enhancements:

  • Volume Loader – Programmatically loading actuals into Endur from data downloaded from EBB
  • Deal Blotter – Rapid trade entry for trade floor, customized for each user
  • Transport Utilization – spreadsheet replacement for open transport volumes
  • Storage, Imbalance and Pool Balances – programmatic enhancement to replace spreadsheets
  • Check-out screens – to match pipeline month-end statement for transport and storage to facilitate the volumetric tie-out of all trades
  • Enhancement of “Nom Create V17” screen – to have the ability to drill-down Interconnect/Pool/Imbalance/Storage in the way the users access the data and in the order of process

As part of the recommended process re-engineering and enhancements to Endur, our client would be able to eliminate a large majority of spreadsheets and use Endur as a system of record for reporting and decision making.

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