MidDel Employees Help Artist Boat on Galveston Island

MidDel employees gathered in Galveston, Texas, for the annual company Summit. During the weekend, everyone volunteered at Artist Boat. They are a non-profit organization on Galveston Island that unites art and science to educate and to protect coastal environments. They have nearly 600 acres of continuous land that they are restoring to coastal prairie habitat. The morning was spent separating plants for their nature preserve and learning more about native plants and grasses on Galveston Island. Holly, with Artist Boat, had this to say after our help: “I just wanted to reach out with a HUGE thank you from Artist Boat! We really appreciate your help this Saturday. You guys were pros at plant separation! You were able to separate nearly 900 plants each of which will be planted at our nature preserve in the spring. This is amazing work and is a tremendous help to Kristen and me.“