Charitable Donations from MidDel

We're a company that finds satisfaction in donating generously to foundations loved and admired by employees and consultants. In the spirit of the giving season, we are happily donating to the following suggested foundations this year:

Normandale House Nominated by: Scott Levin

Normandale House, established in 1993, is dedicated to providing affordable housing to homeless families; enabling them to move from homelessness to self-sustainable independent living. Its three unit triplex located in the Mid-town Phillips neighborhood, houses three families for a maximum of 24 months while providing them with counseling, help in achieving weekly life plans and a savings programs so they can move to living independently.

Faustman Labs Nominated by: Beth Blackwell

Dr. Faustman is the director of the immunobiology lab at Mass Gen, and they are focused on finding a reversal for Type 1 Diabetes. They have found positive results from the Phase 1 trials where they used a BCG vaccine to reverse Type 1 Diabetes. The research conducted by the lab is 100% funded from philanthropic foundations and organizations.

Angel Eyes Nominated by: Jed Marquisee

Being SIDS parents ourselves, Karen and I have found this organization to be indispensable in helping our family and friends navigate through the death of our daughter, Maddie, 22 years ago. I continue to offer my time as a resource for peer counseling and speaking to SIDS parents and first responders.

United Way Nominated by: Shelly Carlson

The Greater Twin Cities United Way creates a better life for us all by focusing on three key areas: Stabilizing Families, Helping Children Succeed and Empowering Healthy Lives. Their Mission is uniting caring people to build pathways out of poverty, thereby improving individuals and the community.

Discovery Center in Binghampton Nominated by: Carrie Skuban

My husband and I are supporters and members of the Discovery Center in Binghamton. It's a hands-on Children’s Museum allowing children to experience and learn about science, math, and art. The Binghamton Area doesn’t have a lot of educational outlets and this is a great place for children to learn while having fun. Albert Einstein said, “Play is the Highest form of Research,” and I tend to agree!

Friends of the Forth Worth Library Nominated by: Scott Pederson

I’m on the board and volunteer for the Friends of the Fort Worth Library. We have a book store where we sell discards from the libarary and materials donated by the public (books, CDs, DVDs and yes we still get VHS tapes). The store is run primarily by volunteers. We also hold two large book sales each year, which take a lot of effort in hours. Proceeds from book sales, memberships, and other donations are used to help fund library programs that fall short of funds from the city budget. Our largest effort is to support the library’s year-round reading program called Worth Reading.