Energy Blockchain Can Boost Smart Energy Communities

January 22, 2021

Blockchain holds promise for the energy sector, which is trending towards decentralization. An interesting article: Read more here:

Con Edison Contracts Its Biggest Battery to Date in New York City

January 18, 2021

New York utility, Con Edison, has contracted a 400-megawatt-hour battery from 174 Global Power, which will balance NYC’s energy needs with increasing offshore wind power capacity.

Was Buffett Right About Energy In 2020?

January 7, 2021

An interesting article.   Read more here:  

Utility of the Year: NextEra Energy

January 4, 2021

NextEra Energy had an impressive 2020. Read more here:

The Role Of AI In Carbon Reduction And Increased Efficiency For Energy

December 30, 2020

AI will play a critical role in supporting the energy industry's goals of achieving a more sustainable, connected and efficient future. Read more here:

Why The Oil Industry Is Set To Thrive For Decades To Come

December 18, 2020

Modern innovation - digitalization and the introduction of new technologies - is helping the oil industry keep up with the competition.   Read more here:  

California Regulators Race to Implement Demand Response, Other Measures to Avert 2021 Blackouts

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to open a rulemaking to ensure power grid reliability during possible extreme weather events in summer 2021.   Read more here:

How to Build a Green Hydrogen Economy for the US West

The Intermountain and ACES projects may be the start of a regionwide green hydrogen generation and transmission network.   Read more here:

Permian Basin Merger Mania Continues With A Deal Of Destiny

November 30, 2020

Pioneer Natural Resources plans to acquire Parsley Energy, creating one of the most logical combinations of companies in recent history.   Read more here:

New England States Call for Changes to Wholesale Markets, Transmission Planning and Grid Governance

November 19, 2020

Five New England states are calling for changes to the region's wholesale electricity market design, transmission planning process and the governance of its grid operator, ISO New England.   Read more here: