Morgan Stanley Calls Retail Energy Marketing a “Hidden Gem” in Research on Vistra, NRG

April 29, 2019

Morgan Stanley calls Retail Energy Marketing a "Hidden Gem," especially in Texas.   Read more here:  

Power Sector Pushed Domestic U.S. Natural Gas Consumption to New Record in 2018

April 18, 2019

According to EIA’s recently released Natural Gas Monthly, domestic consumption of natural gas increased across all sectors in 2018. Read more here:

New Research on Electricity Price Trends Reveals Cost Disparity Between Monopoly vs. Competitive States

April 11, 2019

The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) released new research on electricity price trends that reveals an eye-opening cost disparity between monopoly and competitive states.   Read more here:

Top Twelve Items to Consider During the ETRM System Selection Process

April 8, 2019

Here is a list of the primary items to consider during the ETRM system selection process, which might be of interest to many. Read the article here:  

Energy Risk Commodity Rankings: The Return of Geopolitical Risk

April 1, 2019

Some of the consequences of the recent spike in oil volatilities has resulted in a significant increase in hedging from producers, as well as consumers, especially airlines. For more on this article, follow the link below:

Smart Grid Experiment Saves Participants the Equivalent of One Electric Bill Per Year

March 28, 2019

To improve energy efficiency, a smart grid project in Turkey and Portugal leverages consumer choice. Read more here:

Polar Vortex 2019 — How Did the Electrical Grid Hold Up?

March 7, 2019

This year’s extreme cold event tested the resiliency of the Midwest/Northeast power grid. The results seem to be that the power grid survived the event without major customer disruptions or extreme pricing, outside of some isolated real-time action, compared to past Polar Vortex events.

Daylight Saving 2019: When do clocks go forward in the US?

Daylight Saving 2019 is right around the corner. Are you ready? Read more here:

With Vineyard Wind, the U.S. Finally Goes Big on Offshore Wind Power

February 25, 2019

Sometime this year, construction on Vineyard Wind, the first major offshore wind farm in the United States, will begin.  Read more here:    

US Oil and Gas Firms are Ready to Spend as Confidence Grows, Survey Says

February 21, 2019

Around the world, confidence is growing in the oil and gas sector. Read more here: