Crude Oil Outlook for 2020 and 3 Energy Companies Gurus Agree On

January 27, 2020

The energy markets are consistently being watched by analysts, investors, and economists to evaluate global economic conditions and to identify potential investment opportunities. Crude oil is one of the most-followed energy sources in the world, as the price trends tend to provide telling insight i

Opening the Lid on Xcel Energy’s Distribution Grid Plans in Minnesota

January 16, 2020

In contrast to states like California and Hawaii, Xcel can take a “measured approach” to rethinking its grid for solar and batteries. Read more here:

2020 Power and Utilities Industry Outlook

January 6, 2020

2020 will likely bring opportunities for the power and utilities industry to lead the clean energy transition. Read more here:

Updated: Retail Supplier Partners With Nonprofit To Provide Energy Efficiency Audits, Services

December 19, 2019

This month, The Energy Co-op, a Pennsylvania-based retail supplier, will begin offering its members comprehensive energy efficiency audits performed by certified technicians trained by the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)   Read more here:

Why Every Growth Stock Portfolio Should Be Overweight In Utilities

December 16, 2019

While utilities have long been viewed as a safe investment, low-cost renewable energy like wind and solar power are quietly transforming the sector, resulting in strong earnings growth and making for an attractive long-term investment.   Read more here:   https://www.forbes.c

How Utilities Are Transforming Outage Management Into Rapid Recovery

December 5, 2019

The need for power companies to invest in outage management solutions, that can facilitate rapid recovery, even in the face of extreme weather, is taking on new urgency. Read more here:

Efficiency to Meet Peak Demand? New Study Considers Potential Beyond Energy Savings

December 2, 2019

New research shows energy efficiency can help utilities meet peak demand, at a low cost, compared to the capital cost of other resources.   Read more here:

Solar Expected to Lead Renewable Development in Next Five Years: Study

November 21, 2019

Global capacity of renewable power is expected to grow by 50% in the next five years, reflecting a surge in new solar energy systems on commercial buildings, industrial sites and homes. Read more here:

The United States Sets Its Sights On LNG Domination

November 14, 2019

LNG liquefaction capacity in the world is forecast to increase by 53% from now until 2023. Among regions, North America will host the most new-build capacity from planned and announced projects. Read more here:

New Approach for Modern Power Grids that Increases Efficiency, Reduces Cost

November 4, 2019

Researchers have developed an interesting approach to allow for a small, well-defined risk of constraint violation to overcome the challenges that come with conservative current approaches used in modern power grids.   Read more here:    https://www.sciencedail