Solar Expected to Lead Renewable Development in Next Five Years: Study

Global capacity of renewable power is expected to grow by 50% in the next five years, reflecting a surge in new solar energy systems on commercial buildings, industrial sites and homes. Read more here:
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The United States Sets Its Sights On LNG Domination

LNG liquefaction capacity in the world is forecast to increase by 53% from now until 2023. Among regions, North America will host the most new-build capacity from planned and announced projects. Read more here:
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New Approach for Modern Power Grids that Increases Efficiency, Reduces Cost

Researchers have developed an interesting approach to allow for a small, well-defined risk of constraint violation to overcome the challenges that come with conservative current approaches used in modern power grids.   Read more here:,-Date%3A%20October%208&targetText=Summary%3A,used%20in%20modern%20power%20grids.
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